hendrix winterland fans....

Anybody have a favorite set/CD? I'm partial to CD. 4@from boxset.....
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Jimi's Blues and Filmore East are some of my favorite of my 62 Hendrix albums. Valley of Neptune would be the worst.
I've got the Winterland concerts. I'll see if I can give them a listen and decide on a favorite.
I'll go with disc 3. Jimi seemed to gain focus and energy as the 3 day stand went on. Disc 4 is highlights from all 3 days and it's good too.

Live music connoisseurs complain that this box doesn't include all 6 complete shows, but sometimes less is more.

Compared to the way live rock albums are assembled today this box is pretty much what was played unretouched. No overdubs, probably little protools revision.

For fans, this is The Experience playing at their best in very good sound. Often Jimi's live stuff sounds pretty poor compared to the 3 original studio albums. He just doesn't sound like he does in the studio, which is understandable as he liked to make full use of studio effects. I'd say this set comes closest to matching the quality and sound of the studio albums. The October 10th disc sounds the most like other live albums.

Electric Ladyland was released the same month as these concerts and there is little of that album here. Two years later, Jimi would be burned out on the music scene and dead.
"Winterland" is a great 'performance', no doubt about it!