Hendrix Voodoo

I've been amazed for years at what I hear every time I listen to "Voodoo Child (Slight Return)". Does anyone else hear something "other-worldly" when they listen to this? The room actually starts spinning.

Other than Hendrix's incredible virtuosity, what techniques did he use in the studio to create this effect? I actually experience an altered state of consciousnous (drug free) while listening to this!!! I have yet to find any other music that has bombarded the senses in quite the same way.

Especially take notice to the beginning of the song. It sounds like he starts in mono {with your head centered between the music) then goes to stereo with the music running back and forth between both channels. Whatever he did back in 1968, I have yet to hear anything quite as extraordinary.
Off subject a little but my cousin Mike has Jimi's microphone he used during the recording of "Are You Experienced'
My electrical engineering buddies tell me it was done with changing the phasing of the recording during the mixing process. Hendrix uses this technique in several places in the Electric Ladyland Album. Check out "1983...A Merman" or the title track. These phasing effects were actually "corrected" out on the original LP by Warner/Reprise but do appear on the recently remastered
Much of Hendrix's magic was the work of producer / engineer Eddie Kramer who was instrumental in creating sounds that Hendrix told him he wanted his guitar to sound like. I believe he may still be at Electric Lady Studios in NYC.
Eddie Kramer just produced a new album by Jimmie D. Lane and Double Trouble called "It's Time". It's awesome.
Agree that Hendrix was pretty much in a class by himself or at least in a class where role call didn't take very long. If you get a copy of Guru Guru's KanGuru record or cd and check out Immer Lustig (starting at about 5min. in, i think you'll get yer' skull elasticized real good. This, the 1st Kollektiv and a handful of other discs make it easy to believe that the most narcotically powerful elements of Hendrix didn't die when his body gave out. The music is out there, but the audience for the most part is not hearing it.
Phasing is a big thing with the Hendrix stuff. He had in his live sets a mxr phase-90 pedal that created this effect live. Its a cool little pedal he also used fuzz and wah pedals. To get those errie high sounds that are compressed he used a wah of some nature.
didnt he also use a univibe ,a leslie rotating speaker simulator effect
Indeed he did use a univibe very cool effect!