Hendrix DVD's

One of my favorite things about home theater is playing concert DVD's like Stop Making Sense. I have seen at least three Hendrix discs, and I am wondering which is the best choice for performance and sound.
Thanks! I was tempted by the Fillmore, what with two of the great names in rock all on one disc, but now I'll put Woodstock at the top of the list.
Hendrix as Woodstock is, as they say, "the goods."

Woodstock and Isle of Wright are the best of what I've seen. They playing on Woodstock is better, and there's plenty of shots of his hands, plus a good feel for the vibe of the event.

Fillmore is black and white, shot by one cheap camera -- a video equivalent of a bootleg music CD. There's a lot of interview footage that cuts into the music.

Rainbow Bridge would be last on my list. Most of it is a meandering story that leads into a brief concert at the bottom of a Hawaiian volcano.

None of these DVDs are good compared with a modern concert DVDs, so you won't be using them to show off your system.