Helping an amp cope

How would I mod an amp to help it cope with a 4ohm load bridged.Where does the amp actually run into crisis.
That would be a hell of a mod. Probably have to replace the caps and the power supply.

Not sure what you mean about it running into crisis.
I know that you can think of an amp hittin a 8 ohm load like a person blowing through a regular straw, easy to maintain that pressure.
A 4 ohm load is like trying to blow constant pressure through a paper towel roll. The amp loses its breath and cannot maintain that pressure.

basically i would assume it needs more current than the supply gives and the caps need to be stronger.

I could be totally wrong too. Ive read several books on amplifier construction, but that doesent mean i can build one. ;)
There are some possibilities, one being to add global negative feedback to the amp if it does not already have it. Realistically, you need lower output impedance, which means more transistors in parallel. This means a new amp. If you want great bass control adn low output impedance, you should consider Carver Pro ZR1600 or Parasound Halo JC-1's. Either of these will drive any load you care to throw at them with ease.
Thanx guys.