helphelphelp for a wadia 2000

Hi people, I've a problem by my wadia 2000 DAC. 1 channel doesn't work: so that should be not much complicate. I asked wadia: they said, the "new" company don't have schematics of the old models (!!!). So : impossible to repair! As I said: that should be easy (relatively) to repair, when I have the schematics. Somebody could help me? someone has schematics for the wadia 2000?
thanks for your help: here's my mail:
Try to contact Steve Huntley at Great Northern SOund Company in Minnesota, USA.
He has extensive experience w/ Wadias & he *might* be able to help.
He has a company website - use your favourite search engine.
hi Bombaywalla,
thanks for your help, but unfotunaly for me, Steve said he dont have schematics for the old 2000.... If some one knows who can help me to find that.... Or if someone knows who can fix my dac....
thanks again