Helpful Hint When Cleaning Records

I haven't seen this hint posted anywhere else so I thought I'd share.

I have a VPI 16.5 record cleaning machine. The mat where you place the record is glued down and not easily replaceable. Like many of you, I have cleaned enough dirty records that the original mat is filthy. What to do? What to do?

When I replaced my ring mat recently with the "deluxe" one, I took the old one and began using it on the VPI to support the records. The contact with the record is minimal compared to the stock mat. It is thin enough to where you can put one over the other and not seriously affect the cleaning action. And if you have particularly filty records, you can have a designated "dirty side" of the ring mat as well as a clean side. My records do seem to be coming out just a bit cleaner. Since I was buying the new ringmat anyway, it didn't really cost anything.

Has anyone else tried this?
Why don't you clean the mat on the machine just like you would clean a record?
Good idea Herman! That's what I do on my 17F.
Yes, that does work well, Herman. My VPI originally came with a foam mat that wasn't attached to the platter, though. In the past I have also ordered cork mats for about $5 that have "stickem" on the back. They are easily replaced if they started to deteriorate and are easily cleaned in the meantime.
Mine has the foam mat. Cleaning as you described would do nothing more than create a big mess. That's why I turned to the solution I did.
Oh, mine has a cork mat. I thought they all did.
Kinsekd, did you buy yours new or used? If used, I suspect someone "glued" the foam mat to the platter. You could try to vacuum it a bit, but I might suggest removing the foam mat altogether and replace with cork or rubber. Cheap solution.