Helpful and altruistic audio community members

Just a quick story to start the new year:

Late last summer I upgraded my analog rig, going from a Pro-ject 5.1SE/Sumiko Blue Point to a VPI HW-19 Mk 4 with a Stand Alone Motor Attachment (SAMA) upgrade and a Benz Micro SE cartridge. The audiogon member (whom I will not name at this point as I don't have his permission to write this) who sold me the VPI was incredible. First, he brought the whole rig over to my place, unpacked it, and set everything up, including balancing the table, showing me how the SAMA worked, installing the Benz and, in general, giving an analog novice lots of tips and advice on a real system.

Over the next several months he patiently answered email queries about wow and flutter and other concerns and then, when we moved about a half-hour away to a larger house, gave me detailed advice on how to safely move the VPI and SAMA and set everything back up. All this while dealing with his own life and circumstances.

None of this he had to do, of course.  But it's something I've grown to appreciate and value among the audiogon community and have gladly done the same a few times when they asked for it. Yes, there are always dipshits here who make false claims or otherwise degrade the ethos, but the vast majority are fellow enthusiastic hobbyists who appreciate good sound and good equipment, even if the most of the population doesn't really care.

Any other stories of fellow audiophiles who've gone above and beyond to help you out?

Happy New Year, everyone!
I totally agree! There are many members of Audiogon that I've communicated with that have a wealth of knowledge and are very willing to assist and answer questions. Way to many people to mention and I wouldn't want to miss someone so all I'll say is thank you to all.

3 cheers for the "Good Guys".   The chore is to find them so readily.
My experience is similar, in that I have found many, many, helpful members that have helped me along the way in my journey to audio fulfillment.

Especially for us DIY'ers, those good folks willing to help are an invaluable resource, and are what makes this hobby so special.

My thanks to all those that have assisted me over the last decade+ to achieve a life-long ambition of musical satisfaction.

Great seller, great story!
Wow so wonderful.
Beyond seller..
great post..

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Kingdom come

Yes, great post.  In any hobby, most practitioners are willing to go beyond and share their enjoyment with others, in spite of those who do not.  Great to here stories of the doers over that of the don’ters.