HELP-Yamaha2095 & InfinityHPS500 Sub

Does anybody have both of these or a similar set up. I have this and the HPS500 has a 500 watt built in amp and i have it set up and the sub really does not thump like i think it should. I have the gain on the sub up to 10 and it really doesnt shake! Am i just expecting to much out of the 500 watts or do i have something wrong. Also does anybody know how i could "test" the sub to see what it really should sound like? Im in college and frankly pissed it i spent my hard earned summer money on something and it doesnt work properly (NOTE: i did not by the sub on audiogon, but i did buy the yamaha on audiogon which i love.) Also i could have the yamaha 2095 set up wrong. Any help would be greatly appreciated Dean Perlberg
Sounds like a low signal from the Yamaha. Try a couple of things. In the speaker setup, Yamaha gives you three sub options: off/sub alone/sub+mains. Try the sub alone, and then sub+mains to see if there is an appreciable difference between the two. Also, I believe you can attenuate the signal to the sub (in speaker setup), so be sure that the signal out from the Yamaha hasn't been cut. Otherwise, try another cable from the receiver to the sub. I am not familiar with the HPS500, but I would guess that there are dual line in RCA's as well as an LFE input. You may try different input jacks to see if that helps. If all else fails, but a Sunfire True Sub. That mother will shake for sure! Cheers, Steve.
Ill try that steve. Hopefully something will help. I really would love to get a sunfire, but i dont know anywhere when I could find one i can afford. I also thought to test my HPS500 sub, i could run an interconnect directly from my CD players output to the Subs input. If it sounds soft still I am going to have to deal with Infinity which should be a treat. Well anybody else with some helpful ideas or setup's similar PLEASE drop a line here to help me out. Dean Perlberg