HELP: Yamaha RX-V596 or Denon AVR-1801??

I'm buying my first receiver and I'm faced with a challenge....They are both good receivers, so I don't know which one to get... I have Klipsch Quintets(4sat,1cent) and KSW12. Any recomendations or comments please...???
Kim307, Both are good recievers. Before I went to separates, I owned the Denon 3300 and it was a great receiver. I sold it to a friend who loves it also. I bought the Denon over Yamaha simply because I like the sound and looks. Maybe the next guy will choose the Yamaha. has many reviews on the two units you mention. Both reviewed well which again says they are both good. The interesting thing is a KLipsch owner notes that with the Yamaha his speakers were too bright. If you think your speakers on the bright side, you may need to go with the Denon(that is if you couldn't tell what I would do). Auditioning both with your speakers would be the best way to decide. Good luck.......LR
I just set up a moderately priced home theater system for my brother in law and bought him the RX-V596 receiver. I bought it on line for much less than retail. The only thing I did not like is that the speaker terminals will only accept banana plugs or bare speaker wire. I think the Denon you are looking at has the same crummy terminals. I think both receivers do a good job. To be honest if you are going to use a sub-satellite speaker system you will not get the full benefit of the receivers.