Help with woofer refoam/replace on Snell E I

Hi, about the refoam the woofers in my Snell E I, but taking out the coated paper woofers one is the Vifa M21 (Denmark), but the other is a Seas (Norway). Bought these used and replaced the Vifa myself from Snell. Aside from the metal frame, the speaker looks IDENTICAL. Same cone, same spider, same magnet.

Should I just put the SimplySpeakers foam on and go with it? Or buy the Scanspeak P21 replacement woofer (same speaker Vifa made before the move to China, now made in Denmark by Scanspeak) that now has Poly instead of paper cones.

Not sure what to do. Madisound says the foam will be different and affect sound. Paper is more natural and neutral than poly. But having two woofers from different companies? or were they at the time?

Any advice on what to do very appreciated.