Help with Wadia 9 and 270 upgrade


I own both the Wadia 9 classic and a Wadia 270. I had both devices recapped. The 9 with some minor tweaks. HF decoupling and PIO caps on the PSU

I'm curious about the GNSC upgrades of old. I read somewhere about Bybee music rails being implented, are there other things my tech can do? I know I can get an external PSU for the transport. With a separate digital PSU.

I want to squeeze everything out of both devices.
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What cables (power, Analogue interconnects and SPDIF) do you use on both units?
Do you use Brass Cones under each unit?
Does each unit sit on a ceramic/granite tile?

These are the things that provided the biggest bang for the buck in my case.

Todays components offer great performance, but so often it is the cables that stifles their sound.

Regards - Steve
Hi Steve, thanks for your advice.

The Wadia’s are connected with a nameless power cord into a toroid ISB 060 (I have the 100 upstairs for a very near future switch). The nameless cord just works, it sparkles. I tried several. The ISB 060 cleans the main line from crap. Also I can keep the Wadia in 120v.

They’re connected via a lifatec glass and a lifatec hybrid toslink/glass and Oyaide RCA cables. I will change the latter to a DMN V3 RCA which resides in my tuner. The 9 is standing in a Spectral La Scala cabinet with glass shelves. I’ve got young children, so better save then sorry. The CD transport is on a finite elements Spider rack with rubber grommets beneath and is completely lv. Huge difference.

The 9 was standing naked without spikes or anything in the cabinet. I had some aluminum spikes laying around with rubber o rings as cushions and put those beneath the Wadia just now. Heard 1 track. Completely different sound....... for the better. I was scratching my head in amazement.

Seems you have got all the points I mentioned covered :-)

Improving the power supply for smaller components is a sound investment and getting the best cables you can afford pays huge dividends

I do favour KLE Innovations cables for commercially available products. They are the best I have tried

Personally - I use my own Helix design cables across the board...

If you want to experiment, you can try the Helix geometry using more affordable wire. The Helix provides the biggest advantage in their design. The wire quality improves on the dynamic performance, details and imaging - and the helix geometry improves clarity

At one point I had around $2000 of cables attached to my $500 DAC and it sounded so much better

I guess I'm in the "cables do make a difference" camp :-)

Happy Listening
Thanks!! I will definitely going to make a couple!!