Help with Wadia 861

Good Day Sorry for my english will try to write ok.

Got a WAdia 861, one channel is not so loud like the other - negative XLR pin has no current.
Propably one of the WAdia Chips SC1 0021 is not working fine. 

I need help!
a) Does someone have a service manual for Wadia 861/860
b) Doas someone have photos of inside of other WAdia CD even the old ones - maybe SC1 0021 can be found in other WAdia?
 c) Does someone have a broken Wadia for sell?  
d) Does someone have a SC10021 chip?

Please please help I love my Wadia and doent want other chip
This seems like something that a decent electronics repair shop can help you with. Wadia is still in business, so a quick call to them might provide you with guidance. 
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