Help with VPI Mk 19 Jr.

Just picked up a Mk 19 jr and would like a few recommendations.

What mats would you recommend?

Also, the AQ6 tonearm did not come with the template that Michael Froemmer recommends in his setup video disk, and the Vinyl Engine website template was not useful. I need to set up the waypoints for the cartridge alignment. Any suggestions?
I had and enjoyed a 19Jr for a long time, super great table. I would not use a mat on it at all. Get a lint free cloth and clean the platter with the old style windex. You can get a template from Audioquest, it is the same dimension as the PT-9. You should enjoy this table a lot.
Hello, the Jr acrylic platter, like the Scout and many other VPI platters is not meant for a mat, kind of defeats the purpose of the platter. You do have the white platter ??

Like said, go to the Audioquest site, and find the PT-9 instructions., go to the accesories tab, drop down the menu, and go to Vital Vinyl, and you will scroll down to see the PT-9 and a tab for instructions.
Thank You, very helpful.
Hello Blowfin, I've been a HW-19 owner since 1997.
Mine started as a Jr also. If you have mats lying around, and want to try one, there wont be a problem in doing so, as long as you remember, you'll have to remove the Rubber Spindle Washer. You can even try clampless with this method, it's up to you, and what sound you find you prefer.

As others mention, it will sort of defeat the design, and of course, the clamping system helps eliminate any slight warpage some of your LPs may possess.

The "VPI" theory, was that by coupling the LP to Platter, this would thus eliminate resonances. I suppose mats of whatever type, and material accomplish this to varying degrees also.

I myself also use the AQ Arm, and use the Baerwald method of alignment, the Mobile Fidelity GeoDisc with good results. Mark
I guess I am just not getting it but the template on the website is not like the template in the dvd which rests perpendicular to the platter and shows the various waypoint the cartridge should meet while traveling the path of the tonearm arc. The template on the website has the spindle hole impossibly close to the tonearm?

Just clueless here, I guess.
I have a stock HW-19 jr and it is a great table. I have a premier FT-3 arm on mine. I think you are looking for the stylus alignment gage to set the overhang. Check out this site
You can print out a free gage.
Once you have gotten your table set up and running make a sandbox and do a diy SAMA. The DIY SAMA will make that table so much better.
That's more like it. Thanks.

Now what the heck is a sandbox, or SAMA?

A sand box is just that. Make a box with a open top large enough to place the table on, I made mine out of maple and fill it with sand, or lead or both. Then place a platform on top of the sand. See this link

A SAMA is a Stand alone Motor Assembly. Google it, You can find some designs at Audio asylum or see mine at forums/ vinyl/ diy sama for vpi I posted it back on 03/06/06.
This mod just made the table shine. Try it it's cheap to do and if you don't like it it doesn't nake any changes to the turntable that can't be undone.