HELP with Vandersteen 2ci speakers

Need help with a set of Vandersteeen 2ci speakers. The issue I have is that to my ears I have to turn the voulme dial on my preamp to at least 9:30 or 10:00 to get any real volume out of them? Im not looking to blast them but I do like a nice amount of volume. I have to turn the volume to at least 7:00 to get anything above a very low whisper. I know they are somewhat hard to drive but im powering them with a set of Electron Kinetics Eagle 400 mono blocks which are putting out 350 watts each? Mono blocks have been serviced and tested and are up to snuff. Any help is greatly apreciated.

I had those same amps for a while. (very nice) Tell us about the rest of your system, especially the Pre. There is something wrong, and it's not the speakers lack of efficiency or the amps, assuming that they are in good condition.
IMHO, you don't have a problem. Almost every system I've ever owned or sold (and that would be MANY, MANY, MANY systems), have all required the volume to be around the 10 o'clock position to get a half-way decent amount of output.

I have a Sanders ESL amp that is rated at 360 watts into 8 ohms and doubles all the way down to 1 ohm. It runs a pair of Martin Logan CLSIIA's and my normal listening level is between 12 o'clock to 2 o'clock. Depends on the source, but usually around that level.

It also depends on the output gain of the preamp and the input of the amp, but still, I think you're fine.
Different volume pots/attenuators have different tapers. I ran a pair of 4 ohm Dynaudio with 300w (at 8 ohm- 600w at 4 ohm) Marantz monoblocks with the matching Marantz pre-amp and 10 oclock was pleasant but not loud in a 14x17 room. I don't know what (if any) speakers you had before, but better speakers WILL let you listen at levels that would be harsh on lesser speakers. Bottom line, sounds like those amps will do some heavy lifting, Let 'em show off a little. If you said you were running them at 3 o'clock, I would be concerned. Have at it!
Vandersteen 2Ci are not hard to drive. The optimum position on your volume control for best sound is between 11 o'clock and 1 o'clock. Of course the gain from your source and recordings determine your volume setting. 300 watts on that speaker is overkill and the speaker can be easily damaged with too much power due to over heating the crossover. Also, Eagle amps are laid back and so are the Vandersteens. Maybe you are getting too much of a good thing.
First of all there's something that at least I miss:

1. What kind of preamp?
2. Where's the initial lowest volume setting? 6:00? noon? 3:00?

Otherwise I wouldn't understand how far you're turning your volume knob. If you turn it on maximum or connect your fixed volume source directly to an amp you have you'll probably get EXTREAMLY LOUD even on quiet passages.
If you still get your signal low either preamp or amp is at fault.
hows it sounding a 11 oclock to 12?
Many volume pots sound best in the middle of their range. I wouldn't be too concerned unless you can't get the volume you want out of the combination.
Perhaps if you thought of the volume control as a brake rather than an accelerator you might be less concerned?
still don't getit weather there's or there's no problem in the system. is there mute switch on preamp??
Thanks for all the responses. I am currently running a Pioneer Elite c-72 preamp. I know not the greatest but its what i got and to be honest it does sound darn good to me! At the 11:00 and 12:00 positions the speakers sound fine actually they seem to open up around this level and sound very smooth and laid back. The lowest setting on the volume dial is around 6:30 7:00
If it sounds good to YOU it means that component is GOOD no matter what brand/model it is. Technically it has sufficient gain from your provided info. In my case I have almost the same situation. Normally I listen at 9:30...10 and crank it to 12...13:00 when I want it loud.
Have you done the tiltback as in the manual with both
speakers equilly the same with a laser and bubble level?
no I haven't done the tilt back with the speakers. How do I adjust them to lean back?
Proper tilt position with the Vandy's is crucial for the best possible sound, in order to maintain the time/phase alignment that Richard designs into the speakers. Go to the Vandersteen website and read the manual. Pay special attention to page 8. It's definitely worth the effort. Good Luck, and Happy Listening !