Help with value of Pink Floyd collection

I'm considering selling my Pink Floyd vinyl collection. I sold all my other vinyl albums years ago, but hung onto the Pink Floyd stuff because... well, just because. I would like to sell as a complete collection, not one here or there, but I have little idea what to ask. Can anyone in the know offer some advice?

I appreciate the humor of "Oh, it's not worth too much, but I'll give you $25".

But let me make this clear - I'm not selling yet and I haven't decided that I even will sell - this is NOT meant to generate buyers - I'm only looking for advice at this stage.

For a complete listing of what I have you can go to the website I created (link below). Note that it is fairly graphics intensive and requires Flash 6 in your browser (there is a link on the opening page to get this). If you're connecting to the Internet with a modem, you may find it quite tedious to browse through.

BTW, the website will go with the collection... I know, it's pretty lame as websites go, but it did take a lot of time to photograph the albums...

Robert, no excuses need be made, your website is very cool! Unfortunately, Floyd is one of the most popular bands of all time. This makes a lot of what seems rare and unique....well, less rare anyway. The albums can be priced out at the ephemera on E-bay. As a collection, several thousand dollars certainly. Total value, more than a big screen, less than a Hyundai. Seriously, go to the sites and price it out piece by piece, then add 10% in the hopes that someone will want an instant collection.
Somewhere between $2500 and $4000. Probably will generate most money via an EBAY auction. Great Collection - Pink Floyd is one of my alltime favourite bands!

Please dont sell it to a dealer who may split it up!

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You have a way cool web page I would like to know how you do it.
Those prices you have been quoted, well seems kind of high to me.
I Just bought of ebay about 1 hour ago a 1st ed. Japanese, Wish you were here, with the black shrink with obi sticker and floyd sticker complete with inserts and poster, nearmint for $37.00. Usually a Japanese first edition of the older ones, on red vinyl near mint with obi, will fetch about $130,$160 $175 depending on the lp. Now while you have some very rare items, they are not as rare as these items. I do not beleve.

Back years ago before the internet, it was harder to find these items and they fetched more Cash. Now for instance, I had a animals lp french pressing MINT that took me a month to sell and I got $10.00 for it. The one on pink vinyl french, mint goes for about $20.00 on a regular basis. Japanese animals mint with obi complete with inserts goes for $15.00 to $30.00

I think with your great knowledge of pink floyd items better than mine, I would say you should know the value of your stuff, if unsure just keep checking on eBay for a while, you will soon find out what your lp's sell for.

when and if you sell you need to sell then seperatly to max your cash, as you know many people collect floyd items. I only collect the Japanese stuff. Lets say you list for sale your entire collection and I need only 1 or 2 or your items. I will not bid on this collection, because it is to much cash and troube, but I would bid on the 1 or 2 items I wanted.
I beleve in the long run you make a lot more cash selling items, not collections. People who buy collections buy low to resell.

If you must sell your collection as a whole and want a fair price. I think it will take you some time. You could do a test, you could list this collection on eBay and put a reserve price of something crazy high so it will not sell, and if it did you would be overwhelmed. Then you could see how much intrest this auction generates and how much people are willing to pay. You could relist it a few times. I buy and sell a lot of lp's on eBay. I have a great feedback record. This helps me sell items and generate more cash.

If you need any help or have any other questions just e-mail me.
Thanks for the kind words about the web site. I'm pretty much a beginner, but I'm learning...

I tend to agree that selling individual titles will net more money - I just cringe to think about the time I put into collecting them, then having them sold off piecemeal. Then again, once they are out of my hands it's really just empty sentimentality to think about "how they're doing"...

Dunno what I'll do, if anything. If I sell as a collection it will take some time to find the right buyer, but I can take the proceeds and buy myself something interesting that I can use everyday. If I sell them piecemeal, I'll likely fritter the money away.

I like the idea of placing a high reserve and just seeing what the interest level is.

Researching the prices is difficult because of the bootlegs. The official releases aren't too difficult, but the bootlegs don't seem to have representation in the used market, although some do show up on eBay.

Thanks for everyone's input.

Kind regards,
Phydeaux, your website is far from o.k., it's VERY creative, I'm a Floyd fan with some out of print gold cd's, but if I were you, I'd keep your stuff, and your website, you might regret it, and want it back someday, trust me.
Not sure of your age but, if it were me, and, if I wasn't hard up for the money, I'd hang on to the lot and pass it down the family chain later.
I must agree with the two previous posts on this one.

Have a good day..........
PF has many records issued in many editions. The economics are that you have value but no idea of the market. I have but seven. Maybe interest will decline, along with a sharper price decline. You got rid of the rest. If you are going to make a killing, you will not wait for normal appreciation. Patience will find the best collectors, haste is a fire sale on e-bay or anywhere else