Help with used records.

I just got back from the thrift shop with 5 records, Prince - Sign Of The Times, Prince - 1999, Stanley Clarke - Stanley Clarke, Stanley Clarke - School Days and Johnny Cash - Mean As Hell all of these records are in great shape with very clean vinyl and jackets for $3 each.

Here is the problem that I have, I hope someone can help me with this. When you peel the price tag off of the jacket it leaves a stick residue, is there any way to get this off of the jacket or is there a way to get the tag off without damaging the jacket?

Thanks for any help you can provide.
Try a hair dryer with the record out of the jacket of course. See if that loosens the glue.
There's a product called "Goo Gone," which I've bought at Bed, Bath, & Beyond, that I've used for this purpose and works well. I think it's similar to "Goof Off," which works, but is much stronger and really smells awful. I'd try the "Goo Gone" or a similar product, specifically designed as a label remover.
my friend who has a used record store swears by alcohol and cotton swab. i hate it when these tags peel paper off lps and books.
Man, I've been looking for a good Sign o' the Times copy forever!!

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Why are you peeling this off? This only destroys some of the authentic features of the LP and will only devalue it.
Man Elizabeth, that's really disgusting.

I use a little WD-40 sprayed on a cotton cloth, and rub off the gummy residue with that.

I have no recommendation for removing Elizabeth's nose grease other than burning the (now highly flammable) album cover.
alcohol works best, elizabeth is not someone to be trifled with.
I second nose oil. _Oil_. This is the socially approved name for it, used by photographers back when they were developing prints from film negatives. A swipe of it could fix up a tiny scratch on a negative, well enough so it could be used (in an enlarger) to make a decent print,

Nose oil is indeed a good label glue remover. An oil-based solvent of some kind is what's generally required and NO is free. If you have a dry nose, though, and your sense of smell is offended by WD40, lighter fluid or Varsol, you can get odorless solvent at an artist's supply store.
on the obverse, to stick labels ON, use the inside grease
Jyprez, maybe I didn't make it clear in my original post. These are the stickers / price tags that the thrift shop puts on the records, not stickers that originally came on the record jacket. The thrift shop sticker is extremely sticky and is about 1.5 inch x 2 inch and they are put on the front cover are very hard to peel off.

thanks pat
Acetone. It is available in art supply stores and doesn't harm the surface that the sticker is on. I use it all the time. (WD-40 works similarly, but is a b*tch to control the spray and clean up.)
Actually nose OIL and behind the ear Grease are used a lot in sharpening fine tools by old craftsmen. And for some it is just self amusement:) Put a little on your dogs nose and watch him go nuts.
Is that like.. "putting a nose to the grindstone"??
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Acetone & 100% isopropyl alcohol work equally well. Only problem is that it also can (likely will in my experience) remove the printers ink along with the adhesive residue. Caveat utilitor.
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Lighter fluid does an excellent job of removing stickers without damaging the jacket.
"Lighter fluid does an excellent job of removing stickers without damaging the jacket."

Hmm, I might be a little concerned with some of the associated side effects of that one, like increased tendency for records to spontaneously ignite undesirably?
Lighter fluid. Stream some on the sticker before you peel. Make it a pretty liberal amount and it should all some free with no mess or residues.