Help with used "rock" speakers under 4K

Hi to all,
I am new on this board and would like to ask for speaker recommendation.
Looking for used speakers, under 4000.00 for listening to rock music ( loud and deep bass)
For other music - i got the magnepans 3.6r
my room is about 30x35 and ceiling 20ft (open to the top)
I have search the forums and came u with couple choices:
- B&W Matrix 801
- Aerial Acoustics 10T

any other suggestions?
Thanks a lot.
What you really should buy are some 'kick-ass' subs to add on to your 3.6s. Just turn on the subs when you want to rock out. leave them off the rest of the time.
You could buy a pair of really good (self powered) subs for $4K.
(I own 3.6s too, but no subs for me..apt dweller)
I know its a bit of a deviation from your system but I'm currently using Magnepan 1.7's with a Velodyne DD-12 (second sub is on the way). I'm super satisfied with the setup and rock music is the bulk of my listening.

Adding a pair of subs would be your best route, IMO. You'd have to give up a lot of resolution to get a different speaker altogether with more thump. Maggies w/ sub is a minimal compromise solution.
ATCs make for the best "rock" speakers bar none..
That's a very large room. In my opinion, speakers that have a good dynamic capability and smooth power response with robust bass tend to be good candidates for a very large room (think "prosound-style but with smoothness and deep bass"). One way to get smooth power response is to use a big constant-directivity horn and a big woofer, and to cross over where the woofer's pattern has narrowed to match the horn's.

Have you considered something like the Altec Model 19? Long since out of production, the Model 19 is a high-output classic with very good bass and smooth power response.

Seldom available used, but within your price range new, the PiSpeakers 4Pi embraces essentially the same design principles as the Altecs mentioned above, but with more modern, higher-output drivers and an even better crossover. The designer, Wayne Parham, is a master. If you go for the 4Pi, get the JBL woofer and B&C tweeter upgrade, both of which are well within your budget.

thanks for answers
based on some suggestions please suggest me a good Sub that will go well with Mags 3.6.

Fafafion - ATC speaker , do you think it would be enough for the room ATC scm50aslt (i know its above my original budget, but if the extra 3.5K will make a good difference.... maybe)
Look into Cerwin Vega, I think that is a good fit for what you are doing. Very efficient and capable of pressurizing the room. No subwoofer needed.
I have owned Magnepan Mg3.6 on mye stands and B&W 801 matrix 3 at the same time. I sole the Magnepans. I have had many other speakers and only my Revel F52s bettered the B&W.

My opnion, get the B&W's. You will be suprised at how much resolution, imaging and bass presurasation you will have. Make sure you put them on stands.

A good pr should be about 2500 and if you dont hear what I heard you can sell them for what you Pd
Go with the 10T's. Versatile, high quality speaker and they excel with bass and rock. Ridiculously cheap used prices on A'gon. Good luck.
If you like the Magnepans (I am a Maggie owner) trading them in to get some 'other' sound is not going to make you happy if yu like the maggies except for wanting some extra thumpability to rock out at times.
For 4 grand your could buy a Fathom. or a pair of REL.
those are the brands subs I would recommend to add to a 3.6
For the best electric guitars ever: Zu Druid.

For instance Jim Suhler and Monkey Beat, "Tijuana Bible" at a really good volume is to die for.

In that case a sub is mandatory: Zu Method in my case.

i will keep Magnepans - just planing to get another speakers with more "air moving".
looking at past threads - another option i see is Thiel 3.5

only problem is - maybe someone has experience with large room
The Aerials are nice speakers and worth listening to. I would also suggest you listen to the Vandersteen 3A sigs. They will, with power behind them move a lot of air. I tried a pair as an alternative to my Maggie 2.7s and they moved a lot of air. I couldn't afford to keep both so ultimately stuck with the Maggies.
Go for the 801's. I love mine. They replaced my Thiel CS6's because they do wonderful things with all the music I love. They are outstanding on everything from Mozart to Megadeth.

FYI If you buy the 801 S3's and feel you also need the Sound Anchor Stands. Keep an eye out here, mine will be posted for sale soon. They are not my cup of tea.
The Cerwin-Vega XLS-215 for about $1,000 is apparently a contender. They may be embarrasing to own, but not listen to. Google up a review or two. Perhaps with the left over $3,000 you can have some custom cabinets made.
I also am a Maggie 3.6R owner for years and use an SVS Ultra 13 sub with mine, but....

I am with Alpha220. Cerwin Vega XlS-215's or CLS-215's for under $1K will rock out a room that size and fill it with more bass than you will believe.

Keep the Maggies and look into the CV's like Alpha220 says..
The Cerwin-Vega's and ATC's mentioned above are a good idea.

At the high-end of your price range is the B&W 801N (the successor to the Matrix), which can be had for around $4k now used if you are patient, but they require bi-amping with powerful amps to really do their thing and are thus effectively more expensive.
Check out the Mirage OMD-28s at vanns. Bargain of the year, bass to die for, and when I crank Tool...I get goosebumps. Give them ample power and a couple feet around them, and you will not stop smiling.

My comparison between Magies 3.6 and B&W 801. The room size was 24 feet wide where speakers were and 26 long with another opening at the back end of the room. In total I would say over 1000 square feet of open space and as mentioned I sold the magies and kept the B&W's.....My amp was and is PASS x250
thanks for all input.
due to good deal/price i will receive Magnepans 3.6 and b&w
801 Matrix next week.
once i setup - will post comments on the actual sound experience.
Only thing, not sure if my amp is good to drive them (possible upgrade in very near future )- currently have Accuphase E-408 (integrated). - most likely will upgrade to separates soon (probably will stay with Accuphase).
CLS 215 Cerwin Vega for under 2k.
Legcy Focus 20/20's used for under 3k. The Focus are the best speakers I have ever heard. They also play extremely loud and low.
Hakuchosan do you still have your Accuphase e-408? Im in need of some 408 help.
a perfect space for;
Thiel CS 3.7