Help with upgrade from Marantz 6011


I'm considering upgrading my Marantz 6011 receiver and wanted to get some help.

I use it for both home theater (7 channels) and music.  The speakers are B&W 705 S2 with the matching center channel.

I'm considering migrating to the Marantz 7015 as I've been told the power supply is an upgrade from the 6011 and I should expect to hear an improvement when I'm listening to music.

My other thought is to go to the Arcam and Anthem.  

Any comments?  

Thanks a lot
Baby steps. Going to another AVR is baby steps. Will you hear a difference? Maybe. Probably. Will it be worth it? Who knows! What I do know, for what that component "upgrade" costs you could get way more improvement any of a half a dozen different ways. 

Always improve what you have first. Only when it is tweaked out to the max, only then think of upgrading a component. 

And then never from one AVR to another. Worst thing ever in the whole wide world of audio, the AVR. Anything will be better. Don't take my word for it. Go and listen. You will see. 
If your the kind of person who likes to continue to upgrade then separates is the way to go. If you just need a little more power and then your done...then just get a receiver 
Do you listen to multichannel music or is critical listening more 2-channel?
I’d keep the Marantz (it’s probably fine for HT duties) and buy a good stereo integrated amp and incorporate that into the system.  By hooking the 6011’s front L/R preamp outs to an unused input on the integrated (or HT bypass if it has it) and then connecting your 705s to it you’ll have a pure 2-channel rig within a HT system.  When you’re listening to stereo the Marantz is completely out of the signal path, and you can switch between stereo and HT simply by changing the integrated’s input.  If you’re looking to up your 2-channel performance, this is the best and most cost effective way to do it IME.  Hope this helps, and best of luck.
Thanks for the advice I really appreciate it.

What do you think of adding two 5 channel amps?  I found on CL near me someone selling 2 Rotel RMB-1085s for $900 for the pair.  I can use the Marantz as a processor and then the Rotels to power my setup.

Will this work?  I'm ok to buy used just trying to sort through the large number of options.

Thanks again

The RMB-1085 are Class D amps using switching power supplies.  I had a friend who owned one briefly and the sound was somewhat boring and lacked involvement.  Having 10 channels isn't really needed in your system.

I think you'd be better off buying a new Outlaw 7000x for $999.  It uses linear power supply with Class AB amps boards at 7 x 130 watts per channel.

If you were willing to up the amp budget some, I'd look at the Monoprice Monolith amps.  You could do the 3x200 for $1249 or 5x200 for $1499 (and then use the receiver for any remaining surround speakers).
No, that won’t work IMO. Chasing a deal that might solve only part of your problem isn’t really much of a deal. Replacing the preamp section of the 6011 is just as important as replacing the amp (preamps matter!!!), which is why a stereo integrated is such a great solution as you’re removing the Marantz completely from the signal path for 2-channel with just one additional box — plus it’s more economical than buying separates.

For example, you could get an Ayre AX-7e here now for about $1500 that’d take your 705s to new heights. Another great option would be a used Hegel H160 that can also be had for about the same price, and either would be a huge step up from your AVR. Frankly, you could even buy a new NuPrime IDA-8 for $1100 at Audio Advisor, who I believe has a good return policy, and give it a try and just return it if it doesn’t blow you away. It’s a multiple award-winning integrated that also has a pretty good DAC you might also appreciate, and I’m confident the IDA-8 would greatly improve your 2-channel performance (read reviews at Absolute Sound, Soundstage, etc.).

Anyway, if you take anything from this please let it be that you need to get the Marantz COMPLETELY out of your 2-channel signal path to realize truly good stereo performance. Just my $0.02 FWIW.
I’d go Anthem, because the room correction will make a major difference.  Any AVR without RC will be a lateral move at best.  And separates might be a noticeable improvement, but not the same degree as RC