Help with upgrade from Kuzma / Dynavector to... ?

Hi guys,
I would like to upgrade my analog setup, which is Kuzma Stabi / Stogi / Dynavector 20xH / BAT P5
I wonder is it worth to upgrade Stogi arm to Stogi Ref. ?
I’m thinking of buying Shelter 901.
Does anyone know whether Shelter is a good match to Stogi or Stogi Ref?
Any other ideas? The budget for upgrade is up to $3000
A significant up grade would be a Michell Orbe SE Mk 2. turntable list $ 3500.00. I have one demo on Audiogon for $ 2695.00. The arm you have would work fine until you wanted an arm upgrade. Go to for details and pictures.

Good luck,

I know that ORB is a very good table but do you have an experience with both tables? If you do, please give me more details on what should I expect from this upgrade.