Help with upgrade

I'm currently using B&W Matrix 804 Series II and am wanting to upgrade or try something different. The amp I'm using is a McCormack DNA1 Deluxe and Sony DVP9000ES for my front end. They will be used in a ht set up, however 2 channel is very important. Speakers I have been considering are Von Schweikert VR4, Thiel 3.6. I listen to many types of music NO rap thought. Any thoughts on these speakers or any others please give your comments.
FWIW, after years and years of searching, I have finally achieved audio satisfaction (yes, the S word!) with a pair of Intuitive Design Summits and their stands, paired with a Rel Storm 3 sub bass unit. I do plan to do a review, but want to do a thorough job, so I plan additional listening prior to writing it. These are probably the very best speakers I have ever personally heard, supplanting the old, three box version of the Audio Physic Caldera (which was around $20,000). The Summits retail for about 3500 plus about 1500 for the stands, and even though that's a lot in absolute terms, relative to their near perfect sound, they actually seem underpriced (and I am NOT the kind of person who normally says that sort of thing, believe me!). More people should know about these.

Disclaimer: NONE! I am a consumer only, and have no financial interest whatsoever in these. I own a pair, and am extremely elated with them. That's IT.
I am not sure how much power the DNA 1 produces but to drive the Thiels appropriately you will need at least 250wpc and even more is recommended. I currently have 3.6's and I am driving them with a CJ premier 350 and I can tell you that they love horsepower. I upgraded from a CJ MF2500a and the 350 does a much better job especially in the lower registers. My musical tastes run primarily to classical and jazz (female jazz vocals). The Thiels will work with less power but to really get them to sing you need power.

I use to own a pair of B&Ws and decided it was time for something different this year I looked at Triangle. They are truely different, more lively. They definately added some spice to my music. Go and checkout there reviews then go listen to a pair.