Help with Upgrade

I am ready to upgrade but not exactly sure where to start. I would like to get some ideas from some of you as to what you might do and what you would get. I have approx. $2000.00 to spend. Being as digital is main source of listening that is all I am working with for now. Thanks for any input. My equipment is as follows:

LLano Design A-300 Mono Amps (300 WPC)
Sonic Frontiers Line 1
Sony CDP-C701ES CD changer
DH Labs BL1 SII Interconnects
DH Labs Q10 Speaker Cables (Bi-wire)
VMPS ST/R Speakers
VansEvers Clean Line
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Have you added dedicated circuits yet?
If your cd changer has a digital output, I would suggest getting a jitter reduction device and dac. If you buy used and/or shop carefully, you should be able to do both for less than $2K, including cables. Search the forums for suggestions.
I would start with the digital source also.
If you want a changer go with An Anthem CD1.For 1K your system with sound infanitly better.Diy Interconnects will get you most of the way there.For 300.00 you can go with a Coincident IC.You could spend triple and do no better.You can spend 5 times more do better but by .10 of a %.Wow 1500.00 for a .10% improment.Hey if you have it gor for it but its not required.
Seems like you digital source is the weakest link. If you need a DAC, check out This is the best DAC you can get for under 2K. If your CD changer does not have Digital out, then I will say save you money for now and wait for the SACD and DVD-A format become more popular.
I'd also consider upgrading your Preamp. You could sell your Line 1 for maybe just over $1K and get a Line 3 for about $2.1k. The improvement will not be subtle. Just another idea, but I also agree with some comments above on your front end being a weak link. Probably the best DAC for $1k would be an EVS Millenium II. I wouldn't spend much on the digital cable - a DH Labs D75 or so would be fine for $60 or so. Those two upgrades I mentioned would amount to about $2k. That's how I would spend $2k given your system. Good luck.