help with universal remote.

I got one of those RF universal remotes and I am trying to control 3 cd players of the same brand and model. does anyone know how to make the remote distinguish between two units that are the same model? thanks
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Unless you happen to be using something like three multi changers that have the ability to select settings to distinquish each one seperately, you are screwed.... and will likely always control all three.
they this switch on the back that reads "cd1, cd2, cd3" but the manual doesn't say anything about it other than it allows you to daisy chain them. i was trying to daisychained the 3 of them, but apparently it will only do 2 of them.
Is there a way on the factory remote to then access cd1, cd2, cd3?? If so, then all you need to do is program the universal with each players codes from the factory remote after setting it up to control each... if that makes sense. If there is no way for the factory remote to distinguish between the multiple CDP's, which there should be, then yu are most definitely hosed..