Help with Tyler speakers, considering the windmere

hi, Looking to leave my kef reference 205 and thinking of the tyler windmeres, the smaller one.
Any thoughts or has anyone heard them? Thanks,
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Ty offers in home auditions. Also you could contact him and check if any owners live near your area of the country. I own his Linbrook Sigs had them for over 3 years. I had several audiofiles over and 2 of them bought from Tyler also as they liked the sound so much. I will be upgrading to Tys D1 line, any day now I expect delivery. The terrible ice storm that hit the midwest may have affected that delivery though. Good luck and enjoy the music while you can.
Haven't heard the Windmere, but the word on it says very full speaker and slightly warm (I owned the Linbrooks, which was smaller but similar sonically). With that said, the new Tyler Decade line is a big step up in terms of detail and soundstage, without the warm overglow, but still extremely musical. If you can get the Windmere at the right price, I would check it out; otherwise, hold out for a pair of Decades: they are going to please a whole lot of people.
Just get a D3. High peformance for little $$$. They easily replaced my JM Labs Electra 936's. The D3 does not go as low but I was not looking for that to happen anyway's. D2 probably is a different story. Mids and highs are excellent and throw a huge stage that is deep and wide. They play very loud with clarity, ease and control with extension that hangs in the air. The most remarkable aspects to me are the detailed vocals. These speakers flat sing.
Where are you getting info on Tyler speakers? The website is very thin.
Hi Joe, can I call you Joe? I know what you mean about info on the speakers. Some of the older models had more info but the new Decade line info is still in the making. I basically took a chance on the D3's but had nothing to lose really. If I hated them I could have sent them back. I am not sure what you are looking for but these to my ears can play some very fine music. What I had was good but don't layer like the Tyler Decade.
I am considering Tyler U7 speakers and couldnt find anything on them. I went to the site and saw the new line listing but there was no information there....just Coming Soon.