Help with Turntable selection

I have narrowed my search down to 3 tables in the $1500 used range and I need help and suggestions

Marantz TT15S1.
Nottingham Space Deck.
VPI Scout.
Or ????

I have not owned a turntable for 20 years.

My last post was for a phono pre and I chose and purchased a Pass Labs Xono over a PS Audio GCPH stock.

Thanks, Greg
VPI, always sounds like music, and always brings me musical "rightness"....
Can't say I know enough (or read) about Marantz but Nottingham if you might want a second arm for cheap.I thought about it but with VPI you can get a second wand.Overall it would be better to get a Scout,I have Aries /12.5 and am thinking of a smaller VPI either Scoutmaster and swap tubes.But since you didn't choose GCPH you must be thinking one Cart.I would say VPI with a Dynavector 17 would be great.Latter you can add feet,a ring clamp or speed controller.The items to look into at that price point would be Clearaudio or some of the better Music Hall,Rega (Rega has great rigid arms if not best build quality of motor and plinth and you'd want a VTA collar added).Loved my 3 before I got VPI)or Pro-Ject.Older decks are good but I would stay away from sprung suspension.But then again look into entry level Origin Live.Get a nice Cart for that Pass.I like Dynavector because they are smooth across entire band.
What might be worth a look into also is a Sota Comet. I have one and use a Blue Point Special cartridge. In my opinion it is an over performer for the money.
Seriously I have an old BO TX table. When I upgrade I think the best table out there within reason is hands down....drum roll,...................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................VPI CLASSIC.
hard to go wrong with a VPI Scout.
One more in favor of the Scout...put a nice cartridge on it and it sings.
Scout, no contest. Avoid the Marantz (nee ClearAudio) as it plays like a $100 refurb.
I'll come down on a different side of the fence. Since I don't like tables with plastic platters, finding an unpleasant softness to them, and I am equally not enamoured of the geometry of the VPI arm, I would suggest the Nottingham. I don't own any of the tables mentioned but have experience with the Nottinghams, VPI and, though not the Marantz, the better Clearaudio models. Actually, I would prefer one of the better Rega tables to most of those mentioned, as well. YMMV.
I have to agree with Viridian on this one. Everyone here on Audiogon seems to like their VPI's. I wonder how many of them actually have experience with the other High End brands. Have they been down in the analog trenches, dodging bullets from all the compromised, but highly regarded and well reviewed designs? I always enjoyed my Space Deck and it took me over a year of hemming and hawing, going back and forth,and comparing it to the twice as expensive Well Tempered Super before I finally surrendered and sold the Space Deck. It was not an easy decision. They are different animals, but both competed on a similar level, which says allot about the Space Deck's value. Now, have you considered the Well Tempered Amadeus?? If I had nothing right now, that is where I would put my hard earned analog money.
VPI at first guess - what cartridge are you considering?
I'm with Viridian and Hifiharv on the Nottingham and Well Tempered but would also include the Music Hall MMF-7 for your consideration.

The Scout is a decent table but the JMW-9 is not a good tonearm.


I have no financial interest in any of these brands.
My first table a few years ago was the Scout with the JMW-9 arm. Right out of the box I though it sounded very flat and uninvolving and was somewhat disappointed. After a few tweeks, an isolation stand, new cartridge, Mint tractor set up, it did become a decent sounding table but it took a newby quite a while to get there.
Thank you all for your suggestions and comments. I am leaning towards a Nottingham Space Deck (there are three for sale on Audiogon). Aesthetics have alot to do with my decision, I do like the design.
I am also trying to decide on a cartridge that would work well with the Nottingham & Space arm. My turntable will be dedicated to Jazz. I really do not want to end up churning Hi End turntables(like I have with rest of my system). I am currently happy with most of it.
Thanks again!, Greg
The Well-Tempered Simplex is in stock in New Zealand looks like about 2K
Here is the direct link to Soundlabs WTT page
A friend gave me an old Kenwood KD-52F table and I put a new Audio-Technica AT95E cart on...I am up and spinning!I played a record for the first time in 20 years(Paul Horn, Visions)It brought back many great memories!!

I now need to narrow my choices to tables that show up used most often on Audiogon. The Well Tempered I can only find new, 3k to 5k, out of my price range. So the choice is still between Nottingham Space Deck (leaning in that direction because of looks and availability),Vpi Scout,Scoutmaster or Classic (Scout with a upgraded arm), Music Hall 7.1 or 9.1 (thanks Audiofeil, I had not consided that table), Clearaudio Emotion same as Marantz TT15.
Cartridge choice can come now or later as I consider the best one for my $$$ and Jazz collection.
The WTL Simplex is a less expensive version of the Amamdeus. Not for sale stateside yet. It may still be out of your budget. A straight conversion from the New Zealand dollar to the US dollar was about 2K, hopefully less when they set pricing here.
SoundLine WTL page in New Zealand