Help with tubes for my VTL amp.

I need help with re-tubing my VTL Stereo 150 amp. Does anyone have recommendations on this amp on tube brands for tube compliments of 6550C, 6350, and 12AT7?
cavy is a great source not cheap but great !
Please note that you will void your warranty from VTL if you use any tubes ther than what they spec. AND one of those tubes CAUSES a failure in the amp. Not saying don't "tube roll', just be aware that if you do and a tube CAUSES a failure, that failure will not be warranted.
Just be sure to get your tubes from a trusted source, like Upscale Audio...they thoroughly test tubes prior to selling to the end user, so a failure is unlikely.

Meadowman, does VTL test the tubes that their vendor/s provide?
I can answer instead of Medowman that Yes VTL tests the tubes and adjusts them for their amps. They just cost 1.5x...2x higher than you can get it from upscale.