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I have a chance to buy a bunch of electronic equipment from an out of business electronic store. I would do so because it includes tubes and some tube testers. It also includes some old recievers, preamps etc. He wnats to sell the stuff all as one lot. I am new to tubes but learning and would like to pick up a tester. The guy says he has a Supreme Radio Diagnometer Master Series #301 by Supreme Instruments in a nice oak box and also a Supreme Model #35 tester. Anyone know anything about these, such as possible price and value to me so that I can test the 6922, 7308 E88cc type tubes that my preamp uses? I know enough to know that I should go over and see the stuff and take down some model numbers and tube numbers to have a better idea of what has got. Any help even pointing me in the correct direction would be of great help. Thanks
I do not think the Supreme Model #35 will test 6DJ8/6922/7308 tubes.

Still might be worth owning though especially if it is in decent shape. Made in 1935.
Supreme Tube Testers
Eicos are the best fimds because they are cheap
If these are filament testers they are useless. Only mutual conductance tube testers have any value for audio tubes. The other issue, as mentioned before, is that all testers do not have the set-up guides to test all tube types.
I'd suggest calling Andy Bouwman at Vintage Tube Services. He's the man when it comes to tubes, and he is quite knowledgeable about tube testers. He saved me from making a mistake. I ended up purchasing a B&K 606, which suited my purposes.
I second the little B&K 606. And you can easily calibrate it yourself.
And you can easily calibrate it yourself.
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Yes. A very nice feature.
Thank you all for your responses. I will look into the suggestions
I purchased a B&K 606 on ebay and used it for the first time tonight. What a sweet little unit. Very easy to understand and use. Only two things I am not sure of. One is it says to wait for the tube to warm up. I assume that means about a minute - but I know some feel that tubes take 30 minutes to fully warm. Anyone know how long to warm before performing a test?
Second is in the middle of the socket bank, there is an 6 inch wire with a cap sticking out. There is no reference in the instructions to what that is for. Anyone know?
Joe, let the tube warm up for a few need for more than five.

The little cap with a hat is a tube condom.

No. It's used for tubes that have a connection on the top of their bottles. You'll know one when you see one. I'll bet you'll never need it.
Thanks Tvad.
What about the AT1000? Isn’t this a prima tester for audio use?
The wire with the cap on it is for tubes that have an anode cap. Most common for audio use are the 807, which is similar to 6L6. VTL made some really nice amps that use them and the classic Stancor amps use them as well.