help with tube tester.

Hi AuGoNers,
any one have any experience with the military I-177-B tube tester? i just bought one and dont have a clue how to use it or even turn it on.seller is MIA. thanks
You might try these links -- the third is of particular interest since you can buy a manual there.

You may also need to try to find an adapter (socket adapter kit MX-949/U) to test a wider array of tubes. I don't have any personal experience with this tester, but I hope this info helps.
thanks for the response ozfly,i finally figure out how to use it,but i need an adapter MX-949 to test the common tubes,6sn7,6sl7,12at7,12au7...etc... any one know where i can buy one of these adapter?
I have buy a tube to test I-177. I do not find in my documentation how to test a tube rimlock types according to: ecl82, pl504, el500, ecc83, ecc82, ecc81, pcl 200.

I thank you for your assistance, cordially Hubert