Help with trigger voltage differential - Thanks

Hello - I'm thinking of changing some components and if I make the changes I anticipate, I'll have a pre-pro with a +5 volt trigger output to a multichannel amp with a +12 volt triger input. Anybody familiar with a (hopefully) affordable way of converting or rectifying these two voltages between the components? Thanks in advance for any assistance. MP
I read somewhere here on the 'Gon that internal work would need to be done to make the voltages the same. That requires help from the manufacturer; call/email the company's tech support.
get yourself a basic electronics textbook & read up on DC voltage doublers. You can easily build this circuit yourself on vectorboard (or have a knowledgable tech do so for you) mount an input & output connector, assemble this into a bud box, & have enough trigger voltage to do the job. It may be slightly under 12 volts but it should be adequate provided that the processor's 5v output supplies sufficient current.
Or use a ~12VDC wall wart transformer/ power supply, a 5V DIP relay (which will be triggered by your processor's 5V output) the normally open relay contacts then supplying 12V from the P.S. to your amps' trigger input. Mount appropriate connectors & fabricate a trigger voltage cable from this "translator power supply" to the amp. Harder to describe this than to build it - it's very simple.
You can get a small DC to Dc converter that'll will convert 5V to 12V. You can find it at and the P/N is 179-1070-nd. It cost about $15 and very easy to use.
Good luck.