Help with Thorens TD-125MKII

I picked up this 125 recently, and having no experience whatsoever working on TT's, but loving the sound, i need help with the obvious basic tune-up the Thorens is in need of.

First of all, the platter spins noise-free for over 3 minutes, but I think I want to polish and oil the bearing anyway. I'm getting help with that at audiokarma.

Secondly, I think the springs need replacement. It sits unevenly, with the right rear tonearm side down. And when I push down it bottoms out fairly easily. When I place the TT on cans and look underneath, I see this smooth particle board. I have to get this off but it looks like it's glued on. Any suggestions?
Hi Sabocat59

I picked up an old 125 a few years ago to play with and ended up parting some of it out. On mine, the particle board was actually held on by the wood screws affixing rubber feet to the underside. Good luck.

OK, got the board out and roughed in a spring adjustment. Put it back on the countertop, checked the azumith and vta, and spun a few records. Sounds a little more clear and less background noise. i think Ill build a little birch plywood bottom with holes under the spring adjusters.

I also pulled out the sub-platter and the oil looks fresh.

So I think it's in pretty good shape.