help with Thorens headshell

anyone know where I can get a tp50? or is the "removable" headshell standardized so that any would work?

i have a Td135 and the removable headship completely covers the cart making alignment nearly impossible - plus it just looks far far far too old school for me.

i'd like to put the Thorens tp-50 on, but if I can't get my hads on one - anything that would fit, i'd consider.
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My memory is that Thorens had a slightly different headshell than the SME standard but it has been a looong time since I had one.
Aaronz28, The only way to find one is to watch and Your 'removable headshell standardized so that any would work' is an enigma to me. Ever seen an S shaped Thorens tonearm? SME 'standard' apply only for the connection with the armtube. Not for the headshell as such.
Those that are stright are for the S shaped tonearms. For a stright armtube they must be angled.

The problem I seem to remember was the pin arrangement may have been different on the Thorens arm; something like the Grace arm using a different pin lay out on its arm cable so that no other cable will work. I believe all SME standard pin arrangements are indeed for S shaped arms; I can't recall a single straight arm that uses it. SMEs new straight arms, such as the 309, use a different system entirely. If, as I seem to remember, the Thorens is a straight arm this is probably why it does not use a standard SME connection if it in fact does not. The headshell would be out of alignment as Nandric points out.
I am not sure if all Thorens headshells are the same qua
construction. But to my knowledge they have nothing in common with the SME standard. The 4 pins Stanwal mentioned are in the headshell and the contra part in the armtube has
4 entry 'holes' with tags like connectors. Ie according to
me Aaronz can only use Thorens headshell(s). I see those regulary on ebay.

yes - you guys are right - i totally missed the fact that the bayonet is different..

i'll have to find the Tp50 :D