Help with this RB300

Hi folks,

I just got a Rega RB300 for my Kenwood KD500, and I have NO clue how to take the old arm off and put this one on. I'm really in the dark here. Can anyone point me to a step by step guide? I also don't have any of the tools, protractors, etc that are needed to set up a cartridge on the arm. What do I do?

Before you think about taking the old arm off, you need to be sure you can mount the new one. I don't know the Kenwood you have--I went to see your system pics but the top deck design is not clear.

Basically, arms have different mounting systems, as you know. The size and position of the hole in which the arm is mounted is critical. If your turntable deck has a removable section reserved for the arm, you're in luck. You can take the piece off and redrill it, or replace it with a new one if the old one can't be reworked.

How does the Kenwood's arm mount to the top deck of the turntable? Is there a separate arm board or is it all one piece?

The RB300 is supplied with a mounting template and instructions (although Rega says these are for the dealer). Did you get them with yours?
Hi there,

I'll try to post some detailed pictures of the old arm/table tonight. I asked on the forums a few weeks ago and was told that it would work if I got a spacer (still need to do that). I don't have the instructions or mounting template, which is why I'm asking for help here.

The Kenwood has a separate armboard. I would like not to redrill it if possible as I'm borrowing the table from a friend. Am I screwed?

no offense, but you totally didn't do your homework here, and it sort of sounds like you shouldn't attempt this by yourself. just taking someone's word for it isn't enough. you need to obtain instructions, a template, and the necessary tools. find out the spindle to pivot distance for the rega and measure on the table to see if the armboard will need re-drilling. just ask your friend if he/she would mind your alterations. it's an older table and better sound will result if this is done correctly. hey, i wouldn't mind. or you could have a new armboard made and drilled for the rega to attain proper alignment. find someone experienced with this type of thing to lend a hand. the old "see one, do one, teach one" approach is a good one. best of luck.
May I second Musicdoc's advice? Get help in person if you possibly can.

I could scan and send you the instructions from my Rega, but you can get them online at
I think it would be a waste of time scanning and sending you the template, since a scan would almost certainly be inaccurate. As for the instructions, if this is new to you, you will find them pretty sparse, since they are written for experienced dealers.

If you want to size things up right now, the Rega mounting hole is 23 mm diameter. Spindle to pivot centre is exactly 222 mm. You will need 250 mm clearance from the arm hole centre to the inside of the turntable cover. The arm requires a minimum clearance of 70 mm from the top of the record to the bottom of the arm assembly.

My instructions don't mention the height of a Rega spacer. If your TT is about the height of a Rega Planar 3 or a Linn Sondek, you may not need spacers.

Best of luck!
Thanks for the advice guys. Musicdoc, the scolding is unecessary. I'm in rural Ohio, and audiogon is my best source of information. The old tonearm is barely functioning, and I needed to try something- this made the most sense.

Tobias, thanks for that link, it should prove really useful. Maybe I'll call a Rega dealer somewhere and see if he'll ship me the necessary materials...
Applause is a store in Toronto. The owner's name is Rob Doughty. He's one of audio's super guys, he deals Rega and he'd probably ship to you and perhaps advise you. There's a Web site which I don't have time to look up, I have to go to work :o( . There are probably a few great Rega dealers in Ohio too but I don't know who they are :o((
no offense intended lousyreeds1, but you really seemed to be spinning your wheels and needed a bit of a wakeup. i really just want to see you succeed at this project. we all have needed help to "learn the analog ropes" as it were (and god knows i have only scratched the surface myself) hope you find all the resources you need (online and otherwise) please keep us posted.
Thanks for the continued help, musicdoc and tobias.

It seems that the hole in the old armboard was drilled at exactly 222mm from the spindle, as suggested by Rega. What luck! Now I just need to find some spacers, and I need to figure out how much height I need to add. Tobias, I might contact Rob Doughty. Thanks for the info.
You'll find some info about height at that link to the Vinyl Engine. Good luck, and let us know how things go if you get the chance.
serendipity! (or my second guessing of the advice you received was just plain wrong) either way, the path is clear to mount it up. have you decided on/obtained a cartridge? btw i looked up the table on right here looks like a good, sturdy vintage DD. once set up, i bet it will sound VERY decent.
whoops, the link didn't work.
Well folks, all I've got to do is align the cartridge. I found a local who will let me borrow his template. I decided not to go with the expensive Rega spacers and just get some stainless steel washers instead. Is there any reason not to do this? It seems to have worked well...
Congratulations, Lousyreeds1 ! Your arm replacement seems to have worked out very well.

When you use the template, remember that although you will be using the cartridge sides as reference points, in fact it is the stylus cantilever you are aligning. If all 3 are parallel, that's perfect, but in practice they are not, sometimes.

There's no reason not to go with ordinary stainless washers. The fewer the better, so if you can get different washers of different thicknesses, that may come in handy.
I'd replace the steel washers with brass, aluminum or something else.
If the signal cables are passing through the washers - that's an inductor.