Help with Thiel 2.4 Placement

I have been struggling to get my Thiel 2.4's placed just right. Every time I think I am getting close, I find a something that sounded "better the other way". My room LXWXH is 20 X 11.5 X 8, with a carpeted floor, concrete underneath that. Drywall everywhere else. I am using Levinson 27.5, Levinson 38S, Levinson 36S, Theta Basic II.

Ah...we meet again:) If you recall, we have similar gear. Along which wall did you place the speakers? What do you think is lacking? Imaging? Bass? Are they too bright? How far are they from the side walls and the front wall? How far are you sitting from the plane of the midrange/tweeter? Are you a minimum of 8' away as Thiel recommends to allow integration of the drivers. My room is similar in dimensions and I found the speakers sounded better along the long wall. That way I could get them a larger distance from the side walls to avoid the first reflection and improve imaging.
Hi there! I don't feel like I am getting the soundstage width and height, that I know the Thiels are capable of.

I have them about 4 feet from the back wall, 21 inches from the side wall, and I am sitting about 9 feet away. Very slight toe-in.

I did spend some more time with them last night. I am sure the first order reflections are a problem, which is why I am tweaking the toe-in. I can't point them directly at my seating position because the tweeters will burn a hole right through my head. ; )

Using the long wall is going to be a hard option. I would have to put my chair and speakers right up against the wall to get barely 8 feet away.

Overall the speakers have nice balance, smooth sound, everything is almost right.

Have you worked at all with any room treatments, specifically something to deal with the first order reflection?
Have you tried pointing them straight ahead? Also, to the closest mm, position them from the front wall. I know it's a lot of effort to get this right but they seem to "lock in" when you have them postioned to this level of precision.
Hello Dewinkle,

I have the same speakers (Thiel 2.4) but they need not less than 1.84mt. from rear wall in my listening room , kinda 6.1ft
My listening room is 6mt. and I so I listen the speaker from 3mt. (9ft)
You should put some more air from the rear wall till you listen the speaker free from rear wall reflections
My speaker are 8ft. inside face one to the other one and slightly toed in (less than 10°)

My cent

I've used Thiel's for almost 20 years now. IMHO, Mstram offers very good advise, long wall placement has worked better for me as well. In my experience the distance from the side walls is more important than the distance from the back wall. As you've noted, too much toe-in can be a bit fatiguing. Having the side walls further away can allow for a more straight forward position. As long as your ears are at least 8' from the drivers you should be fine regarding driver intergration. The only thing you'll need is a generous amount of sound absorbing room treatment directly behind you, when seated so close to the opposite wall. Give it a try. Good luck.
Also get a couple of diffusors for the wall above and behind your head
Great to read this thread is staying alive. Happy Listening!