Help with the right amp for JM Lab speakers

I have a pair of Jm Labs Electra 926's as well as a smaller pair of Jm Labs ( I forget the model)floor standers. Each pair has a dedicated Carver TFM-15 100 watt amp driving them but I wonder what a noticable upgrade might be? I have plenty of volume but curious what might bring more clarity/ pop to the table. The smaller Jm's act as my rear speakers in 5.1 mode but I mostly listen to music in 2 channel x 2. Thanks.
I have a pair of 936's which are very similar. Slightly larger woofers and WBT binding posts. I originally has a Musical Fidelity A3.2 hooked up and it just couldn't control the speakers. I purchased the MF Tri-Vista which makes these things sing. I would highly reccomend the combo. I'm not sure if you consider an integrated an upgrade, but from what I've heard I prefer the MF to the Carver amps I've experienced.
Lose the Carvers! Sorry to carver bash, but besides volume, they don't hold up to many others. Even a little adcom or Jolida will give your speakers dynamics and clarity that you never knew they were capable of.

After that, imagine what a $5000 amp can do for you?
Audio Refinement has excellent synergy with JM Lab.