Help with surround speakers - Dunlavy L/C/R

Having a difficult time finding Dunlavy SC-1AV speakers to complete a home theater setup consisting of Dunlavy SC-IV left/right and SC-IAV center channel. Looking for another speaker manufacturer with similar design philosophy and timbre as Dunlavy Audio speakers – i.e. time alignment & phase coherent crossover. Should I hold out for SC-IAV speakers or is there another speaker that would integrate well with Dunlavy speakers. Frequency range of monitors must be at least 70Hz – 20kHz.
Thanks in advance…
I would hold out!!
I had the same exact set-up - which I sold because I never used it. You could alwys buy another Dunlavy Model - SM1 or SC-II.
Anyway I loved it! GOOD LUCK!
Seconded. Hold out for the SCI-AVs. I have Dunlavy Alethas as the mains and a shielded SM1 for the center along with 2 SCI-AVs in the rear. The sound across the front is perfectly seamless as the SM1 uses the same drivers, save the woofer, as the Alethas.

Does the SC-IAV use the same drivers that are in the SC-IV? I think it does. That's real important as you want the center to sound as close as possible as the L and R. You'll never find a speaker from another manufacture that will blend well. Hold out, they'll pop up.

While I'm no home theater expert, I'd hold out for Dunlavy's as well for the reasons above. If you really have to get something else, try Duntechs, the older "classic" models are John Dunlavy designs and similar in most ways to the Dunlavys, although they use Dynaudio and Scanspeak drivers.
Hold out! If you want your system to perform then matching speakers is paramount. At least find a model that has the same mid and tweeter as your fronts. Try posting a wanted ad on Audiogon.

Good Luck,
I know this post is really old, but can you advice which processor / receiver be best with this system? I just configured a Dunlavy home theatre system and would appreciate any insight on receivers.