Help with subwoofer decision

Trying to decide on a subwoofer from the following:
Revel SUB 30
Velodyne DD-12/15/18
JMLab Utopia Sub

Current system:
JMLab Mini-Utopia speakers
Pioneer PD-65 CD Player
Conrad Johnson PFR pre-amp
Bryston 3B-ST amp

Room size: 12x19x9

Any input will be appreciated!
check out Martin Logan's Descent sub. very deep and controled bass for around $3,000.

I personally find the Rvel Sub 30 to be at the top of my list, but I am a big fan of synergy, and would encourage you to try the JM Labs for that reason.......

Beleive me, I wouldn"t recomend them otherwise....they just don't sound good TO ME..... take that as it is intended.
I use the Revel Sub 30. The setup system works well, they look good, and the sound can really make quite a dramatic change in your system if set up and integrated correctly.
Aerial sw12 should be on your list