help with subwoofer

i have sunfire home theater setup i am looking for sub(more for music 70-30) that is going to give me acurate response,tight,punchy and clean base,i tried sunfire hrc 12 (no response for music) ,i hear that Vandersteene makes nice subs,....any response is appreciated
I had a Sunfire HT set up. I never cared for the subs either. I've used Velodyne, and PSB with it. I thought they were both much better for music.
go with a sunfire sub
You should check out this website Their seal subs are being praised by many owner that including me.
I'm very happy with my pair of Rythmik subs 2+ years after they replaced a pair of Velo SPL8 in my music only system.

There are two subs that I've auditioned that I can recommend.

1) Revel B15 sub
2) JL Fathom

They are both spectacular but big and what is fantastic about them is that they are magnificent for both music and movies. I own the B15.

You may also want to consider REL subs. Everyone that I know and respect speaks with the utmost praise about REL subs--especially for music.

I haven't auditioned Velodyne or PSB so I can't comment on those recommendations.
I can definitely recommend the Revel B15 also but hard to find on the used market. Used Velodyne DD and HGS subs and a Paradigm Servo 15("a" model and v2) are also good for both music and movies if you don't want to break the bank.