Help with sub for music


I have a CJ CAV tube integrated and QLN signature II's with external cross-overs.
I want to add a quality sub that will also allow me to run the speaker cables through the sub and cut off the low frequencies from my main speakers, which I'm hoping will lower power demand on the amp, and maybe improve the sound?
I looked at the Sunfire True sub, but they don't appear to have an option to wire main speakers through the sub, for low frequency cut-off?

Does anyone know a good sub that will allow me to do this? Is it a good thing to do in your opinion?

Can anyone recommend a site that explains options on how to connect a sub - the cabling must be some kind of 'Y' connector I'm guessing?

Sorry to have so many questions but this sub thing is driving me nuts. Its for music only, no stomping T-rex's in my house!

You might try searching the Audiogon threads for "subwoofer". There has already been alot of good discussion about subs in general and some about specific models. My budget was very limited ($500) and I wanted a decent sub primarily for music but also for movies. I went with the Hsu Research VTF-2. My setup is such that it is "wired" using the sub output from my A/V preamp. But, it can be connected using the speaker output from your preamp; your loudspeakers are then connected to output terminals on the sub. The cross-over will "remove" the selected frequency, and below, from the signal passed to your loudspeakers. As I wanted the benefit of Dolby Digital for movies I haven't experimented with this connection method. Rather than confuse you by trying to explain things I haven't really investigated in depth I'll just encourage you again to do some research and read the excellent posts already given in other threads.
The Vandersteen 2W is a very musical sub that has the cut-off/roll off filters. The other really good musical subs are the REL's, however, they integrate with your main speakers, ie, your main speakers go full range.
I have Velodyne HGS12 Which does what you want. Preamp out to input on sub then sub out to input on main amp. To do this with integrated amp you require a preamp out and an amp in on your CJ amp. In effect the integrated amp is separeted into two parts.
Try the REL's, BUT IN GENERAL, nnooot a good idea to use the crossover in the sub( they are low qual). If you're only using it for music, and you NEED to have a high pass filter, buy a separate crossover, and use one of the RELs to supplement the lower octaves.
i don't really understand your set-up or what yure trying to do, but to do a sub set-up correctly, i suggest an active outboard x-over between your preamp & two amps - one for the subs (get two subs for audio), & one for the monitors. i recommend the deluxe marchand xm-9 - a steal for the price - wery flexible & wery transparent.

good luck, doug s.

FYI and to clarify my post; the Vandersteen 2W crossover is external between the preamp and power amps. There are currently two model 2W. The 2Wq is tuned more for music, the V2W for movies. Originally there was just the 2W.
For your requirement your best bet is the Velodyne FSX-12ll. It will do what you want and has the famous Velodyne sound, accurate with low distortion. It's available new, I think for $799.
You have received good advice above. Vandersteen 2WQ or REL Strata III. Vandersteen makes passive first order filters. If you go with the REL you will have to make your own - not a difficult job. If you need guidance check Richard Hardesty at