Help with Starting a HOme Theater

hi guys, please help me out. We just bought a pioneer elite 530 tv, and a progresive scan dvd player. Please tell me what else do we need and what do u guys recommend. sound systems, receivers, hdtv decoder, etc. thanks so much
How much are you going to spend? How big is your room? Any more info you can give will help.
Will this be dedicated HT system or music too?
It'd be helpful to also know if you will spend time watching movies, TV (esp sports), games, etc. Some of these things have a pretty big impact on what you might get.

Oh, and how much flexibility you have in arranging the room. For example, I'm in a dedicated room - I can put the speakers anywhere I care to, because the wife has her own room for "stuff." Before I had to consult on every movement of anything, because it was all in the living room that was shared function with the rest of the family.