help with stanton STR8-90 turntable

Hi is anybody familiar with the stanton str8-90 turntable? I know it's a dj turntable but I was wondering if this table is okay to play 78 rpm records. The problem is the tonearm is short and it pivots behind the spindle. Does anybody know if they make a longer headshell? I appreciate your help. Thanks!
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What's this nobody can answer my question, oh I know is it because I have a stanton turntable and not a VPI? I searched the web and found some info, a turntable that has a tonearm that's short and straight will damage records. The I came across a stanton ST-150 turntable with a curved arm. This one is perfect and will play my 78's perfectly. I know what you're thinking, a dj turntable is not an audiophile turntable to play records on. You know what you're dead wrong!