Help with spring replacement Sota Turntable

I am replacing the springs on my Sota Sapphire turntable. The old springs have foam pieces inside the springs. Does anyone know if the foams pieces need to be transferred to the new springs?
Yes I believe so. The foam is just a form acostical damping. While helping to slowing up the moment and motion of the turntable spring's, which act as the turntables suspension system.
Kirk or Donna can answer any questions for you. Where did you get the replacement springs?
I purchased from Sota and spoke to Donna today. Kirk was out. Donna would not be able to provide an answer until next week. I was just curious and hoping to start replacing the springs this weekend. Thanks for the repsonse.
I wish I could have been more helpful. I am on my third Sota table but have never replaced springs on my own. I would GUESS that the pads should be inserted in the new springs since they probably prevent the suspension from pogoing.

Words like 'guess' and 'probably' aren't very helpful...
I will wait to hear back from Kirk. Thanks.
to my understand, the foam is damping factor,may ?? reduce unwanted vibration to the TT