Help with spec. requirements primarily for audio

Hello all, I need help! I am looking to burn my own blu ray disks then play them back using a home theater system. I have no items purchased yet because I want a good idea of what to get. I'm looking for a receiver with the ability to connect the following units: A vintage cassette deck (*tape loop required), streaming from a dlna wireless network, connecting a mp3 player (Cowon D2+), either connect to an external Equalizer OR have a user adjustable internal equalizer, have left and right sub woofer inputs (for 2 powered subs- 300 watts rms each), HD radio OR inputs for an external HD tuner, 150+ watts rms for each channel (undecided between 5 or 7 channels), input for a Roku player ( so I can finally get rid of my cable and the ever- increasing rise of the bill!), the ability to connect a computer to it so I can record to my external blu ray recorder, I would LOVE to be able to connect a tube preamp to the receiver but haven't even looked all that much into those for multichannel systems, very good separation, clarity, all frequencies elegantly present*of course with very low THD. I have NO idea which speakers I would choose but I guess that would depend on the characteristics of the receiver and preamp(?), and the ability to record ANYTHING that runs through the receiver. I realize that I will eventually need to fork up for an Oppo player. I know I am asking for a lot but I am a retired DJ with a VERY elaborate quad-amped system that I was forced to sell off. I am looking for the best results I can achieve on the lowest practical budget.
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
I am VERY into my music and am spoiled by my music sounding its best. A friend suggested I posted on here, so here goes.
I look forward to any productive responses, feedback, suggestions.
Go to and peruse their offerings. I think you can find exactly what you seek for very agreeable prices...

Additionally, the Tekton speakers (Lore, M-Lore, and Pendragons) are getting RAVE reviews from all who hear them. And, being very efficient, you could easily power them with a 50 watt amp to very high SPLs...