Help with Speaks/Wires for Mac CDP and Int Amp?

Thanx in advance for any feedback with my system problems.

I am strugling with a secondary system and need to reach out to the McIntosh users for advise.
I've recently bought a Mac MCD500 player and a MA7000 Int. amp. in a 22'x14' room with a longwall config. and relatively nearfield listening(approx. 7ft from front of speakers with 2 ft behind), 8 ft ceilings.

I'd like to preface the following by humbly stating that my Ref. system is an all MBL Ref setup tied together with Wireworld Plat. Eclipse cables. A completely different product at a totally different price point than what I'm trying to acheive here,and I am totally aware that duplication will not be possible, but I enjoy the "soft bounce" of the Mac products and recognize the cable/speaker setup I'm using doesn't work real well.

I have the two previously stated Mac products running through a pair of Wireworld Gold Eclipse 5 biwire speak cables into a pair of MBL 111f's. IC's are WW Plat. Eclipse and work wonderfully including a pair in place of the MA7000 jumpers which add a huge bump up.
But the concept of running MBL speakers here is a direct conflict with the MBL way of running huge amounts of power through 84db speaks. As great as the MBL stuff is, it really doesn't like to play with the other kids in the playground.

I'm looking for some new speakers and cables that offer a balanced top to bottom sound, and may be able to control the lower end deficiencies that the Mac CD player and the WW Gold Eclipse 5 speak cables produce.

I understand that B&W and Sonus Faber are popular matches with Mac. Wondering if Usher and/or Vienna may have compatible speakers at fair price points?? Or any others?

As far as wires, I've done more hours of cable evaluations than I care to admit, and consider them to be an absolutely critical element in system synergy.
Maybe someone has opinion on a well balanced, top to bottom set of cables similar to the upper end WW products or the Kubala Emotions at a more similar price point for the system I'm dealing with here.