help with speakers that rock, pleeze

I am at the point that I am tired of listening to just recordings that sound good on my system. I want to go back to my roots which is rock music. I am looking for speakers that give me goose bumps when listening to rock cds'. My room is 14'x30' speakers on long wall. Current set up consist of;

Cary 306/200 cdp with cardas golden ref ics'
First Sound Presence MKII w'cardas golden ics'
McCormack DNA 1 rev.A
Audio Physic Spark floor standers

I keep throwing money at my setup and am not happy yet, very frustrating please help!
The Cerwin Vega CLS 215 is the speaker for you. I understand Cerwin Vega hired two well known speaker designers for the CLS series. With dual 15" woofers crossed real low, 6" midrange and 1" tweeter. I have a friend using these speakers with a Primaluna tube integrated and he loves them. He says they will play any kind of music with no limit to dynamics. There are plenty of reviews to read on line. The Absolute Sound gave these speakers a great review.
Not seeing a budget listed here, I'd say perhaps look into the Focus 20/20's by Legacy... or the Silverline Sonata IIIs. Wilson speakers to me seem to be right there as well.

Personally I'd rethink both my amp and speakers though, were I you. Speed and leading edge definition lend themselves to rock quite well, along with impactful and deep bass. Also the room is a bit over average so some power is in order too for spekaers capable of filling one that size... or subs will do.

I'm sure there are lots more choices too in both speaker and amps, and I'd approach things just that way.. more power and larger quicker speakers with very nice response at both ends of the bandwidth. Speakers will determine which amp, primarily.

Good luck... have fun.
That is a pretty big room and those are some pretty small speakers. It's not wonder they don't rock. I would look for some speakers that are Full range or try adding a sub and see if that gets you closer to what you are looking for.
PSB Stratus Gold, would be my 1st choice, or do some research on JBL. Klipsch is good, too... and yes, Legacy!
The Emerald Physic speakers might be worth checking out. Also VRMS (or VMRS, I forget) rock but are kind of fiddly in terms of set up.

The EPs are easy to set up.

I know Klipsch is a classic for rock.

Finally, some BW models might do the trick. I like the 8 series although they are way overpriced. The $-£ fx rate isn't helpful as the 8 series is their last full range still made in the UK.
My suggestion would be the ZU Definition. Extremely efficient, jaw dropping dynamics, thunderous bass, and capable of filling a very large room with kick-ass rock'n'roll.
Another vote for the Legacy Focus 20/20's....they'll rattle your windows.
Ever thought of just getting a pair of matched subs? Set them right at the base of the Sparks and roll them in at about 50-60hz, and you should get some of the low end that will open up the stage on those speakers. I've got Sparks and love them without a sub, but I'm in a much smaller room, 15 X 12. I've tried Maggies, even the larger AP Tempos, and the Sparks are better to my ears. I think it has to do with the dispersion of the 3/4 tweeter.
Another vote for the Legacy Focus 20/20.
Change your speakers. They are "Norah Jones" style speakers and they are not capable to rock in such a large space.

Ive owned the Focus 20/20's, best speakers Ive ever had. If you can afford them, buy them. They are loud, and rock. They also sound better with jazz then anything Ive heard. After you realize what big speakers with large bass drivers sound like, you realize how much we over pay for small, wimpy speakers. And I speak for the many floor standing flagship speakers as well.

I imagine the CLS-215's are worth a listen. If the tweeter isnt harsh or brittle, it may be a great bargain if you dont have the funds for $2500 used 20/20's.

If money isn't an obstacle, take a peek at Eggleston Andrea IIIws, or just the IIs. At that point or just before it, the Whispers from Legacy should definitely fill the bill... but amp change is going to be a must then.
Thanks for the very quick responses. I would be willing to spend up to 4k on the speakers and would be willing to upgrade the amp or add another one of the same. My speakers don't push enough air for the larger room that I have now and I miss the midrange magic and air of a larger speaker. I have never thought of your analogy of Norah Jones speakers but that sums it up pretty good. Was considering throwing in the towel but want to give it another try.
4k is the rational side of my brain thinking about budget but of course this hobby of mine is anything but rational. To find sonic bliss I would be willing to go higher afterall I have some extra body parts I could sell. Lots of votes for the Legacy speakers, never heard them, that is the kind of help I was hoping for. New fresh ideas and direction.
Legacy Focus 20/20 you can find used around $4K. (3) 12 inch woofers in each speaker....that will move some air in a big room.

klipsch rf-7,two 10"woofer these speaker were made for rock.
Check out the AV123 LS6 or LS9. These are huge and ROCK with the best of them. The LS6 got an excellent review in Tone Audio online magazine.
Rockingest speakers I've heard (don't own) in a long time were the GR Research open baffle Super-V. Powered integrated sub and co-axial high eff woofer/tweeter. 97 dB. Easily made >100 dB @ RMAF driven by dodd tube amp w 2 el-84s a side; maybe 18 wpc. Incredible boogie factor w stomach-churning bass (IIRC, 375 wpc, dual internal powered subs/side). The Mccormack is a great amp and w 10x the power should easily produce concert level spls in a room that is probably 3-4x the volume. Cost of the complete kit is $2500 and since its not a box speaker, you should be able to get a local woodshop to make them the "cabinet" and stay well under budget. Maybe go for the platinum upgrade for the McCormack, or sell it and get a higher powered pp tube amp than the Dodd. You WILL be rockin'
20/20's is a no brainer. Awesome speakers
Well it looks like Legacy Focus speakers are the ones that I can afford and will hopefully peel the paint but not my eardrums. Now if I can only locate some in California. Thanks again for the advice people!!
Noticed a pair of VMPS RM30's in the listings in San Francisco at a good price.
Get yourself a pair of Klipsch KLF-20's or even better 30's and enjoy your rock with a smile.
Klipsch match very well with McCormack amps. And they will rock with 5 watts. But the higher power amp you have will be even better.
I would look for vintage JBLs.

I sold 2 pairs of Legacy 20/20's under $3k. Ive seen the HD's for $4500, dont over pay. Some people are asking to much. The 20/20's are my favorite speakers, but Legacy has no replacement drivers for anything that may break or get damaged. Id try to score some HD's used for $4k-$5k

BTW.... the Signatures, which are a step below the 20/20s, aren't bad if all else fails. A friend of mine has a pair and you won't lose much going with them. They are also not nearly as imposing physically as are the 20s. Way less $$$ too.

Silverline Sonata IIIs can rock too with not much more amp than the McC, or with it. I'd feel better with 200wpc however, but if levels are maintained with some degree of sanity, the McC + IIIs should prevail very well.

Do look for later models of the Sonata IIIs though... in the past 2yrs. or less.
Your requirement has Klipsch Heritage speakers written all over it.
If you want a nice warm distorted sound go for the Bose 901.
Agree with Infinity MTS suggestion. Also, NHT 3.3