Help with speakers issues part III

Hello All. This is a continuation of a year long sojourn. I have Magnepan .7's and while I like them my living situation does not allow for ideal placement of them. Primarily, the entertainment center being between the speakers. This tends to "kill" the dipole effect and restrict the sound staging. I added a sub which helped with the bottom end(and impact) and considered adding a second which is becoming more common. I listen to electric blues primarily and classic rock. It has been suggested that traditional "box" speakers may be more applicable here. Any recommendations for box speakers to fit the bill $2k and under?

With that room size and with your entertainment center, you might look for controlled directivity speakers.  I can recommend JBL studio 580 or 590 in your price range.  Great sound at a fair price.
the question isn't whether they are optimal in your room - the real question is whether they sound better than something else in your room

or to be more accurate - whether their advantages are better to you than - say - a Vandersteen's advantages would be; and the converse for dis-advantages ((all given your pgm material)

I have 1.5QRs and despite a not so great listening room, I find them generally better than other options
I had a pair of MG-12's for years in my 16 x 23 room and, after upgrading to the 1.7i's, I now realize that they really weren't big enough to reproduce music the way I like to listen. They always sounded strained when I attempted the relatively higher volume I like.

The 1.7i's were the answer to that problem, and I have plans to add a subwoofer, which should help a lot.

In my room, the MG-12's didn't sound right until I placed them 5 feet away from the front wall, and I found that to be the best location for the 1.7i's, also. 
I wish you could give a diagram or pic or your setup. I think I could give you some alternate ideas for positioning. Sometimes, you have to be creative, and move stuff around.
FWIW, I would invest in a second subwoofer. I think it would help with some of your problems.