Help with speakers for Blue Circle Integrated Amp

Any suggestions for a pair of $3000 - $5000 speakers to mate with my "Blue Circle CS Integrated Amp", and "PartsConnexion" modified "JoLida JD-100A Vacuum Tube CD Player". I'm looking for a floorstandig speaker, and listen mostly to jazz, rock, and acoustical guitar. Thanks in advance.
I strongly suggest Reynaud Evolution 3, which are supposed to sound especially good with Blue Circle, I have the
Trente which has the same drivers in a smaller enclosure and they easily are better than my Maggie 1.6s, super detailed with beautiful tone. They are easy to drive too, some people use SETs to power them without a problem.
I don't really have a speaker to suggest for that IA, but I would love to hear your impressions of it once you get set up. I looked at that piece too. I really like it, and the company that produces it, but unfortunately I want a remote control (I know, I know).
The CS is a superb little amp but I'm not sure it "wants" $3000-5000 speakers. Expensive speakers won't embarrass it, but it won't get the most out of them. If you're dead set on spending that much dough, I'd have Blue Circle put a preamp-out on your CS, get a BC 24 stereo amp, and then get the EV3's, which, I agree, are super. The alternative would be to get a pair of Arpeggione floor-standers, which are the floor-standing version of the Twins. Around $1300 at the moment. That combination will surprise you. Synergy is everything and the synergy between the CS and Twins and Arpeggiones is excellent.
I have this exact set up: BC CS integrated with Jolida CDP. I use them with Spendors S3/5s in my home office. The Spendors would normally require more power, but for office listening it works fine. You could put these speakers on stands or you could go for larger models. However, the S3/5s are pretty laid back so keep that in mind. The Jolida CDP is also pretty laid back.

I agree that expensive speakers are overkill for your components.
I can now attest that the JMR Trente's are better than the S3/5s and work splendidly with the CS integrated. It's quite a shock actually. It again reminds me how good the CS really is! The CS/Trente combo is fabulous.