Help with speakers for audio refinement complete

Hey folks, I need some guidance for speaker selection for my system. I have an audio refinement complete integrated amp currently used to power JM Lab Chorus 715's. I got these speakers as b-stock to replace a pair of spica's that were damaged beyond repair during a move. I've never been completely happy with this current combo, but I can't quite verbalize what it is that I don't like.

My primary source is a Rega Planet cd player, but I also use a Music Hall MMF-5 turntable with a Creek phono stage. In addition, I'm using Hero interconnects and Wasatch speaker cables. My room is about 14 x 20 with 11' ceilings with my listening station about 9-11' from the speakers.

I hope the inclusion of the other equipment gives a frame of reference for my budgetary restrictions. Any insight would be appreciated. I have no shops in my town. However, I am 2 hours from several cities; so with planning I should be able to audition most options.
I had a very satisfying and affordable system once built around the Complete and a pair of Triangle Cometes. Oddly enough, I'm now using Spica TC-50s, although I've moved onto different amplification (modded Moscode 300 tube/hybrid amp with a Creek passive pre). How did you like the Complete with the Spicas? I also used the Complete with various Meadowlark speakers but I found the combination to be too much of a good thing in terms of midrange bloom, lacking the crisp, quick character of the Triangles. In some ways I find the Spicas to represent a happy medium.
The Complete with the TC-50 was a great combination. Good recordings no matter what type of music sounded like they should. This also meant that bad recordings, typically rock, punk, ska, etc...would reproduce more of the same. However, the set-up was still dynamic enough to convey the energy of those bands, which I think was appropriate. The move which led to the loss of the speakers also gave me a much larger listening space, so I never had a chance to listen to them in a bigger room.

Thanks for the Triangle suggestion.
... I see this hasn't been a very sexy thread...Anyway, a friend suggested I try out Maggie MG12 or MMG with an upgraded crossover(?)...any thoughts?...Bueller? Bueller?
I would advise against that. I tried the MMG with the audio refinement. Not nearly enough power. Sounds marginal, when those two separately can sound great.
I suggest you try Triangles too. Great combination.
I used the Complete integrated with Jean Marie Reynaud Twins monitors to great effect for 5 years. An even better match would be one of JMR's floorstanders.

Incredibly musical, rich, and engaging combination.