Help with speaker upgrade

Want to upgrade my speakers from PSB Century 600i floorstanders to a solid pair of bookshelves that might eventually move to rears in a surround sound system. Currently, I only listen to two channel, but I MAY try and build a two channel/HT system in the future, and would like to keep the bookshelves for surrounds if possible. I am using a Sony SACD player (DVP-NS500V) running through a Musical Fidelity X10-D into a Jolida 302A integrated tube amp. I am looking at the B&W 602 S2's, Triangle Comete's, Totem, Tannoy Mx2's, and Soliloquy 5.0's. I'd like to stay under $700. I listen to primarily jazz (brad mehldau and other jazz trios, female vocals) and classical (chamber music, symphonies, solo cello, solo piano), some blues. Any other suggestions and all comments are welcome. Thanks in advance, and happy holidays to everyone.
Those are all good choices. If possible, also give a listen to Triangle Titus, Sonus Faber Concertino (great midrange) and Paradigm Studio 40 (solid bass).

Good Luck, Dave
I should have mentioned that the speakers I've noted above are best on stands so if you really mean to put them on a shelf you'll lose some of what they offer.

first of all i would focus on 2 channel or focus on surround. the quality of rears in all but super demanding ht systems are not that important (they only pickup ambient sounds from the movie). the sound of foot steps or bullets whizzing by are wasted on a good musical speaker. imo. i like your choices. try looking at spendor; it is a nice sounding speaker and our musical tastes are very similar.

good luck
check out a pair of linn tukans. bang for the buck ratio is incredible. i have used them as mains for music and rears in my ht,both with excellent results.


You are looking in the right direction with the Triangle and Totem lines. Great stuff. The Sonus Faber has great midrange, but I found them to wimp out on a bass foundation and I'm not a bass freak, I just would like some.

I've fallen in love with these Coincident Mini Triumphs in a secondary system and can only imagine what the Triumphs sound like. They would fit into your price range used. Check out their website and reviews at

The Spendors are great too, but I would look at ATC, another British manufacturer first as they are a bit livelier than the Spendor.