HELP with speaker selection.

I have been seaching for a new set of speakers for about a month now. My present system consists of an Aragon Soundstage pre/proc, Bryston 4BST, Aragon 8008x3, Anthem CD1, Polk Audio LS90 speakers and a HTPC driving a NEC 9PG+ CRT PJ. I am interested in a set of used speakers ranging from $1,500-2,300. My room size is 23'x12' with my listening position about 4' from the back wall.

I have looked at thiel 3.6, B&W 801 S3, B&W 803 S3, ML Ascent and ML SL3. I like the sound of the ML but I would prefer to go a diffent route because my buddy has the Ascents and I simply want something different than what he has but it has to sound better.

My listening habits are Jazz, R&B, Reggae, etc. I also watch a lot of movies.

Does anyone have any suggestions ? If necessary, I may even be willing to upgrade the Brsyton if it will help with the speaker selection.

Thanks in advance for you advice.

Please check the Odyssey Audio Loreleis speaker at

Maybe you will like it. Hope this helps narrowing down your search.
With a slight strech, you can get Vandersteen 3Asigs, which have been reported to mate well with your amp.
I had a Bryston 9b and it really did not seem to like lower ohm loads. The speakers I had were rated at 6 ohms and dipped to ~3.4 ohm.

This does not really matter if you don't crank things up. Also the 4b is a larger amp also.

As long as you have the Freedom to pull the speakers out from the back wall as much as is needed (maybe up to 5ft out, the Maggie 1.6s are simply awesome souding with the Bryston 4B, and they are well below you budget.
You really like ML speakers but won't buy a pair because a friend owns that brand?? That seems silly to me ... kinda like loving a BMW M5 but not buying one because your neighbor owns one so you "settle" for something else. To each his own. Speakers similar to ML's include Inner Sound. Good luck.
Trying to keep up with the Jone's, are we?
If you like your current Polks, how about the (virtually) full range Polk LSi 25? They've gotten great reviews, and I greatly enjoy having them in my present system. Plus, there are dealers everywhere, so I'm sure you can hear them for yourself without travelling too far from home. They allegedly reatil for $3,000, but can be found for about $1,850.

Please click on my "system" link if you want to see the context in which I've placed the Lsi 25.