help with speaker selection!

I am setting up a second system in a bedroom, and due to space and toddler considerations I would like to mount the speakers on the wall. I will be using this setup mostly for movies, but also some music (say 80/20). I will be using a two channel integrated amp (Rotel 50w/ch)and will probably add a dvd player in the near future. Here's the deal, I have no interest in surround sound,dts,5.1 etc.. nor do I want to use a subwoofer, and to make matters more difficult, I would like to keep the two speakers as small as possible. So, does anyone know of compact speakers that can be wall mounted, will sound decent with soundtracks and music and will not break the bank (200-500 used). I know I will be sacrificing(sp?) decent bass, but again I'm not looking to accurately reproduce explosions and gunfire. I heard that the psb alphas can be placed against a wall, so I am considering them. I also have an old pair of Radio Shack minimus 7's which I remember sounding very good for their very modest price. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. BTW this site is awsome!!! Thanks, Chris
The Monitor Silverlines would be great. The smallest is about $500, new, I think. And you know, there's always good ole' B&W. I've found that the 302 does a little better against a wall the the 600 series.
...than the 600 series. sorry
A used pair of Linn Kan, Tukan or Index speakers would work well with your set up as they are designed for close to the wall placement. I have a pair of Castle Isis speakers that also work close to the wall.
System audio-bookshelf or floorstanding.Not that many dealers,but much better sound than anything previously mentioned.Cost will be around $200 for monitors,$500 for floorstanding.Footprint on tower is only approximayely 5 inches square. Tracer
I have a pair of Sonance speakers that were designed to be mounted on the walls . They can take a lot of power and sound very balanced. Call Sound City - I have had them for a number of years. I paid about 200 a pair though they listed for twice that at the time. They have two bass/mid divers and a tweeter in between the setup.
I've heard several very nice small linn speakers. The index, tukan, and helix. Mordant-short also makes a good sounding micro speaker. British speakers usually do very well with close wall placement.
B&W LM1 or Gallo Micro speakers are inexpensive, meant to mount on the wall, and do a decent job but do benefit from a sub. Both speakers have a high WAF, diminutive and will mate well with your amp. I own both, prefer the Gallo's
You might give NHT superones a try (or if you can be convinced to include a sub, the superzeros are tiny and sound pretty nice. Unobtrusive plain paino black (or white) finish. With a small sub (NHT 8" for example)they make a nice full range set up and then you would be all set for going to HT.
NHT superones are pretty good and readily available on new and used markets. Also they are sheilded for use near a TV. The Alon Petites are designed to be used on a shelf and next to a back wall and have recieved great reviews in the past. I liked the superones better as $/sound buy. Have fun listening and making your decision.
Don'r know if you are attached to the Rotel, but I'm with Dekay. I am, by no means, a Linn disciple, but I once heard a pair of Linn Kans pushed up against a wall and driven by a Naim Nait integrated amp sound wonderful.