Help with soundbar setup

Total tech noob here.

Got myself a Vizio Soundbar last week (the 20-inch model, SBN2020n) and I haven't gotten around to setting up yet. 
Anyone here who has experienced setting up this soundbar with your tv before? I have a TCL tv, by the way.

Would really appreciate your help. Thanks!
Use the optical cable. Set sound in your TV settings to optical and check optical delay compensation.
Read the manual.
+ noromance, read the manual, do what it says...The cable is color coded... Only issue, Are you color blind?. Heck they may be HDMI, just out of the TV and into the speaker, Optical, WiFi. A few options ay
Go through the Setup.... Easy peasy...

Optical cable ,that's how j used to hook up with.
Optical cable, like what everyone is saying. You can refer to this guide (also your manual) for specific steps, and should there be any problems you might encounter. Make sure cables are tightly connected and that there are no visible physical damages.